We are an Argentinian brand since 2005 dedicated to the design and creation of jewelry and accessories made from glass and leather. The technique of glass fusing is applied to create innovative designs; we transform the glass to obtain unique and original pieces that are handmade by the owner, designers and a small group of artisans. 

We use the most contemporary fusing method to layer thin sheets of glass, hand-painted with assorted colors to create patterns and original drawings. During the fusing process in the kiln, the glass comes alive and takes on a whole new character, as the eye-catching bubbles start to come up. The glass pieces make a unique and sophisticated collection in combination with the Argentinean leather, the textures, metals and real stones.

The hand-painted pieces, along with the application of technology used to achieve an excellent finish, have made the brand reach international quality standards, which is highly valued in the markets to which we export (Spain, Italy, Russia, Colombia, Canada, Chile, Aruba, USA, etc)

Each year we exhibit our products at various exhibitions of national and international scope, of both retail and wholesale with outstanding performance.

We are a company with modern conception, constantly growing. Human values are our most important capital, so harmonious relationship with customers and our staff are the basis of the spirit of the brand.

The Argentine embassy has invited us to several events and tradeshows around the world to showcase our products and develop our international market.

We like to set up our booth as a little boutique with a relaxing atmosphere, where the customers and retailers can drop by and enjoy trying on our vast variety of accessories. The beauty of the collection is that every piece is one-of-a-kind. Our customers love to learn about the fusing-glass technique, the Argentinean leather culture, and to have the opportunity to meet the designers while at the show.